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Brexit: End of English breakfast

London, United Kingdom – With the Brexit making more progress, Deutsche Bank has to explain why thousands of employees will not get English breakfast anymore.

Brexit is taking a huge toll on businesses in London. Many of which are planning to move their headquarters to other financial centres in Europe. Deutsche Bank announced in July this year to move from London to Frankfurt.
     By moving from London to Frankfurt, also their employees have to move to the new headquarters. Many of which are facing uncertain times. “English breakfast has become part of our business culture” – a spokeswomen of the board stated. “It will take a lot of effort to switch all our employees to change from bacon, poached eggs, beans, tomatoes and sausages to bread, boiled eggs and a yoghurt or quark.”

The Trade Union is not pleased by the news: “We will undertake action against this change in policy. We hope this decision is not final”. Also employees are displeased by the change and are planning strikes to persuade the board to reconcider the plans.

Image: Deutsche Bank, Flickr

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