German Election 2017

German election 2017: Martin Schulz calls elections unfair

Berlin, Germany – Today Germany votes for the new Bundestag and it will be a great battle between Martin Schulz (SPD) and Angela Merkel (CDU/CSU).

Angela Merkel, leader of the CDU (Christian Democratic Union) and known as the de facto leader of Europe, has been uncontested since 2005. Martin Schulz, from the Social Democratic Party, calls for fair democracy.

“It is time that she steps down. It is unfair that she always runs for the Chancellor position.” – Martin Schulz, “Sometimes a leader should make space for the runner-up. German elections have become extremely predictive this way and boring for the public.” Angela Merkel does not care what Martin Schulz believes: “It is a fair competition and as long as I am able, I will run for Chancellor.”

The latest polls show that Angela Merkels’ CDU/CSU will have less than 300 seats in the Bundestag. Which means she will have to form a coalition with other parties to form a majority government. It is, at this moment, very likely Angela Merkel will become Chancellor again.

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