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Volkswagen: “Left lane is faster”

Wolfsburg, Germany – A recent study by Volkswagen AG shows positive results for their newest model.

The study conducted by Volkswagen Group shows that the left lane of the German Autobahn is faster than all the other lanes. During a test of their newest model, the Volswagen Arteon, they noticed a a significant increase in time and fuel efficiency when using the left lane. “In previous tests the results were dissapointing.” – a Volkswagen spokesman stated. The spokesman declared that they had been using the right lane for most of their tests. Using the most left lane for their speed and fuel tests deemed more successful.

At Mercedes-Benz these test results did not come as a suprise. “We have been using the left lane for our tests for many decades. We are suprised that Volkswagen only just came to this conclusion.” said Ola Källenius, who is responsible for Group Research & Mercedes-Benz Cars Development, in a reply to the findings in the research.

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